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腹腔熱化療 (HIPEC),是最近二十多年來發展出來治療癌症的技術與方法,然而目前仍不普遍。因熱水浸泡腹腔,所以當癌症病灶在腹腔內散播時,治療效果較佳。在實施腹腔熱化療之前,盡量除去較大的癌腫瘤(腫瘤減量手術,cytoreduction surgery)之後,腹腔熱化療的效果最理想。

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In the past, when cancers spreading in the peritoneal cavity (peritoneal carcinomatosis), it was treated as terminal stage. Physicians usually gave systemic chemotherapy without aggressive treatment. Because cancer cells are heat intolerant, we can infuse the peritoneal cavity with heated solution (with chemotherapeutic agents) to kill cancers. In some selected cases, the treatment results were very good.

HIPEC (hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy), a method of cancer treatment developed in the recent two decades, is still not well known now. Because the heated solution is infused within the peritoneal cavity, the treatment results are better in cases with peritoneal spreading than in those with spreading beyond the peritoneal cavity. We can achieve a good result if large visible tumors are removed (CRS, cytoreduction surgery) before HIPEC.

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